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6 minute read

On the Stagnation of Innovation in Teaching | Learning Analytics

Teaching innovation severely lags behind innovation in other areas. Is this because we have a...
5 minute read

An Egocentric Argument for Learning Analytics

Unfortunately, research tells us that we're not good at estimating how others will perceive what we...
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    4 minute read

    How Innovative Learning Analytics Allowed Researchers to Optimize Chemistry Education

    Stemble helped the University of Canterbury study the effect of different instruction models on how...
    3 minute read

    How an Adaptable, Virtual Chemistry Platform Enabled a General Chemistry Program to Expand Online

    Stemble partnered with Concordia University to bring their entire general chemistry lab program and...
    5 minute read

    8 Ways Online Lab Simulations Can Help Enhance Your College Chemistry Courses

    Ever wonder what online lab simulations could do for your college chemistry program?
    6 minute read

    How Interactive Lab Simulations Help Educators Meet the Expectations of Modern Students

    How can education – in person or remote – compete when students can play online games with hundreds...
    6 minute read

    How Chemistry Lab App Simulations Can Help Prepare Chemistry Students for Real Labs

    If you ask undergraduate general chemistry instructors what concerns them about students, lack of...
    7 minute read

    How a Digitally Accessible Online Chemistry Experience Improves Student Outcomes in Science Education

    When we think of early college chemistry education, two things may come to mind: packed lecture...

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