AI-powered Personalized Feedback at Scale

Organize and automate homework, quizzes and labs for large-enrollment courses in higher ed.

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Streamline Student Success

Let Stemble handle the logistics of large classes. Get out of the endless cycle of trivial emails, nightmare schedules, and constant grading while gaining access to valuable insight into student performance and improving overall outcomes.

Increased Engagement

Stemble guides students through their assignments outside of the classroom, so students show up to class prepared.

Unique Learning Environment

Stemble provides each student with a unique experience for labs and assignments, minimizing academic integrity violations.

Immersive Experience

Stemble’s labs provide realistic simulations in a virtual setting for a true-to-life, hands-on experience that reinforces foundational learning.

Trusted by Faculty and Students Around the World

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What Clients Are Saying

I was getting chills when reviewing the feedback that AI was giving to students because it was so close to exactly what I would have said.

Olivia Harwick Head General Chemistry TA, University of Mississippi

There’s no question that the writing I received from students was significantly better after using Stemble. This is exactly how I thought AI should be utilized in chemistry education.

John Wiginton Professor & Coordinator of Undergraduate Laboratories, University of Mississippi

Everything was easy to navigate and doing homework was so much more fun! I loved the different features like the colors to indicate your progress on a question, the linked articles you can read to understand your topic further, and the clear display of your percentage grade. Stemble, compared to long textbook pages and irrelevant questions, is focused and really helps you target your weakness. These individualized questions help you master all topics, even those that you find difficult!

Sophia Imran Student, Ryerson University

The lab simulations that the team at Stemble built are the most realistic that I have seen in terms of how they operate and the data that are collected.

Jill MacDonald General Chemistry Lab Coordinator, UPEI

Stemble’s advantage is that it is customizable, and the app covers both the lecture and lab.

Jennifer Romero Laboratory Technician, Concordia University

When a key lab instructor fell ill, Stemble saved us by having all of our student lab progress saved in one place, shared among our entire team.

Stephen Scully Lab Supervisor, UPEI

Stemble did such a great job creating the simulations to follow our labs so very nicely. It has really made the students better prepared and more efficient in the actual lab.

Marjorie E. Squires, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, Caldwell University

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stemble platform?

Stemble is a web-based e-learning platform for chemistry. It has been built by chemistry faculty, staff, and students to meet the challenging needs of teaching chemistry to large classes of students with widely varying backgrounds and abilities.

Stemble is not a learning management system (LMS) but works with your LMS to offer seamless onboarding of students and clear communication of progress among all stakeholders.

With Stemble, you can collaborate with colleagues to create interactive homework assignments and laboratory simulations. Then you can easily deploy these activities to any number of cohorts of students.

Stemble’s analytics engine provides real-time metrics to track who’s using the platform, when, and how. You’ll see who’s not engaged and be able to diagnose what their misconceptions are.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing depends on several factors, including the level of customization required and the number of students in your course(s). Discounts are also available for multi-year commitments.

We support licenses on a per-student or Department-wide basis.

How do you prevent academic integrity issues?

Every student gets the same structural assignment, but all the parameters are randomized and unique for every individual person.

What level of Customer Support can I expect?

As your technology partner, the Stemble team aims to be part of your team. We’ll work with you to create meaningful online experiences for your students and be there every step of the way to support everyone in their learning.

Faculty and staff at your institution will have access to a dedicated Stemble team member to ensure success and assist with any troubleshooting necessary.

Your students will have constant access to our support personnel for any issues they may experience.

Why should I trust you?

Stemble wasn’t created by a group of serial entrepreneurs who simply saw and exploited a business opportunity. Instead, it was created by people who have been in your shoes and truly understand the problems facing both you and your students. Additionally, Stemble has been used successfully by many thousands of students across North America, at all levels. Just take a look at our testimonials and case studies.

How easy is Stemble to use?

Stemble was developed from research with focus groups of faculty, staff, and students. It has been designed to be easy to use from day one. Since it is a web-based platform, it works on all modern devices and all you need is an internet connection. There is no special software to download or install.

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Virtual Labs

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