Interactive Virtual Labs

Provide your students with a realistic, fully interactive virtual laboratory.

Pouring liquid into a flask in a lab.

Made for Reactions

The powerful features of Stemble’s realistic virtual lab get great reactions from students and lab instructors alike.

Made for Students

Stemble’s cloud-based platform empowers students to safely, confidently, and affordably explore concepts in chemistry.

Made for Educators

Stemble provides a unique experience for every student by providing randomized, algorithmic data in the virtual environment.

Made for Reality

Stemble’s engaging simulations contain realistic 3D renderings and unique real-world data, accessible on any device.

Made for Students

We created Stemble’s web-based edtech platform to maximize student engagement, improve overall lab safety, and help them be better prepared for lab and class. Stemble users finish experiments they’ve practiced in the virtual lab up to 25% faster in a live lab setting!

  • Access assignments and labs, guided videos, and lab documentation whenever it’s convenient.
  • Experience realistic lab procedures, but with an “undo” to learn from mistakes and “fast forward” to speed up wait times.
  • Stemble’s cutting-edge learning and teaching tool is offered at the lowest possible cost to students.
A classroom of students

Made for Educators

Built by award-winning chemistry faculty and students, Stemble is designed to meet the challenges of teaching and learning chemistry within large classes. Provide consistent, scalable instruction to students of widely varying backgrounds and abilities with Stemble.

  • Free up time with automated grading and gain insight into student performance and engagement with tracking analytics. - Collaborate with colleagues to create interactive homework assignments. - Unique-to-student samples, concentrations, and other parameters preserve academic integrity and enhance engagement.
Three people having a discussion in a boardroom.

Made for Reality

You won’t find a more realistic chem lab simulation… or one that’s so limitless.

  • Fully realistic labs function accurately, allowing students to prepare for lab virtually, and reduce their time in a live lab by up to 25%.
  • With no cost, equipment, or space restrictions, experiments are only limited by your imagination.
  • Stemble is fully supported, so educators can keep their focus on real problems.

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