A Chemist’s Guide to E-Learning Tools for Classrooms and Labs

An in-depth guide to the web-based chemistry technologies that are a critical component of modern classrooms and laboratories

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Why You Should Download This Guide Today

Escape Common Teaching Time Sinks

Do you wish you had more time? Are you answering the same questions a dozen times? Marking up hundreds of sheets of paper?

Uncover how automation can free your time for more research and student engagement.

Become the Chemistry Hero for Your Classes

Want to know exactly where your students have misconceptions? Tired of students being unprepared for lab or classwork?

Review the best practices for helping your students be successful.

Gain Valuable Insight Into E-learning

Are technical barriers affecting your students’ performance? What are the challenges and benefits of incorporating virtual learning?

See how implementing e-learning technology could impact your program.

Learn how e-learning tools for chemistry can help you shepherd your class to success and save you time and hassle in the process.

In this free eBook by chemistry professor Dr. Jason Pearson, you’ll discover: 

  • What you need to know about web-based software for teaching and learning chemistry so you can benefit from the latest advances in laboratory education
  • Essential features of these tools so you can maximize adoption, preparation, and learning outcomes among students
  • How to free up a significant amount of time by automating many of the tedious repetitive manual tasks associated with teaching duties, so you can focus on more important tasks
  • Industry best practices and important technical considerations so you can implement  e-learning tools for chemistry in your class, department, or institution with confidence
  • Cutting-edge learning analytics for the classroom and lab for your students — and instructors so you can be the classroom hero

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