Stemble For Class

Create interactive homework assignments your students will actually complete.

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Modernize Homework

Give homework and get back time with Stemble’s automated assessments and feedback. Collaborate with colleagues, collect performance insights, and avoid repetitive tasks while ensuring students show up to class prepared.

Increased Engagement

Stemble guides students through their assignments outside of the classroom, so students show up to class prepared.

Intelligent Grading

Stemble’s intelligent grading technology identifies where students are going wrong, tailors feedback, and even offers partial credit.

Detailed Analytics

Stemble’s analytics offer actionable insights into student behavior and performance so you can meet students where they are.

Increased Engagement

Modern students are different. And they love using Stemble. Our easy-to-use tools create a unique and engaging homework experience that motivates students to participate and significantly increases in in-person engagement.

  • Provide easy access to unique, interactive problem sets through their online dashboard.

  • Motivate students to complete assigned digital activities by attaching grades to them.

  • Randomized, unique problem sets empower students to fail – and retry – until they understand.

  • Assignment modes can be adjusted to meet your criteria, allowing for more or less feedback, time limits, and attempt limitations that can be used to create homework, quizzes, and tests.

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Detailed Analytics

Gain accurate and actionable insights into your classes and students and become an even better instructor than you already are. Stemble’s analytics engine provides real-time metrics to track student use of the platform.

  • Help your students become more engaged and achieve better learning outcomes.
  • See who’s not engaged and use data to diagnose what their misconceptions are.
  • Uncover exactly how each student learns best and what they struggle with.
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Intelligent Grading

Break free from repetitive tasks and endless grading! Create interactive homework assignments that can be automatically graded, freeing up more time for teaching, research, and forming bonds with students.

  • Automatically assess student assignments with intelligent, error-free grading.

  • Grading algorithms can identify a wrong answer with the right process and can even offer partial credit.

  • Easily sync your rosters and grades with your institution’s learning management system (LMS).

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