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How It Works

Who's eligible?

Any student currently using Stemble for a course* they are enrolled in is eligible to apply for and receive a Stemble Learning Grant. It is a competitive process, however, and a limited number of grants are available.

How much is the grant?

Each grant is valued at $100.00.

How do I apply?

Students can apply directly to Stemble Learning Inc. by filling out the form below. Each student is asked to attach a file (.doc or .pdf format preferred) explaining why they deserve a Stemble Learning Grant. Faculty and Staff are also encouraged to nominate a student they feel is deserving. To do so, follow the same application process but be sure to indicate that it is a nomination within the attached file.

What are the selection criteria?

Applications will be vetted internally using a variety of criteria. Preference will be given to those students who are nominated by a faculty member administering their course. Additionally, the selection committee will consider several aspects of a student's file, such as financial needs, academic excellence, interest in chemistry, extracurriculars etc. In short, the applicant must demonstrate why they deserve to be a Stemble Learning Grant recipient and are encouraged to be creative in their application.


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*Note that a minimum of 50 students must be enrolled in a course on Stemble for those students to be eligible to apply.

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